Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Macedonian phalanx

More than 3 years ago I bought a lot of macedonian pikemen  from Warmodelling miniatures. Their pikemen were the only I found with different pike inclinations. My idea was to make a huge phalanx, close to the real one. Because of budget limitations I wouldnt do a 5 men-deep first line, but I could do a one men front line.
I bought 120 pike men in Warmodelling and Xyston and 120 pikes in North Star. I used Warmodelling minaitures for the first 4 lines and Xyston for the back line.

Comparative between Corvus Belli (left), Xyston (centre) and Warmodelling (right). All the miniatures are 15 mm.

During this three years a moved to Uppsala, Granada and aLinköping, so I didnt have a many time to paint this pikemen. Pikes are very delicate and they are not airpot-friendly, so i only could paint them in the short periods when I was at home, in Madrid.

The phalanx more than one year ago.

But finally I could finish this big phalanx. I used 120 pikemen in 15 mm plus a standard-bearer and a trumpeter. I hope you like the phalanx, it was like the Neverending Story.

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