Thursday, 14 November 2013

Welcome to my blog

Dear all:

Until now I have been writing in but I have open this blog because here I dont want to show you just Flames of War miniatures, but also miniatures of other periods of the History. I use to paint as a commision job WWII miniatures, but I also use to paint other miniatures for me, specially ancient armies, my favourite period of the History.

I have chosen this name, "The darkest years", because it sounds quite epic. The darkest years of a country can be that years where they fought for survival, the fought aganist themselves of even they did horrible acts. I am going to model and paint about that years where we can include the Spanish Civil War, the World War II and the Cold War. But we can even talk about other periods as the Punic Wars or the Fall of the Roman Empire. Along the History there was lots of dark years for every kingdom and nation in the world. Wargaming is about bringing to life that struggles, that fights, trying to change the History (or not) just for fun.

I hope to keep this forum updated, show you some of my painted miniatures and some painting and modelling tips.

Today I want to show you a WIP Elefantino platoon that I a making for a huge Flames of War Bersaglieri army. There is a lot of work painting the italian african uniforms. As many of you know, yellow is probably the worst color to deal with. But I am fighting aganist yellow and I am having sucess.

More posts soon! I hope you like it! :)

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