Friday, 29 November 2013

Tutorial: How to paint Bersaglieris

Today I want to share a tutorial that I did explaining how I have been painting the Bersaglieri army. First of all I have to say that painting with yellow is a nightmare. I needed 2 layers to cover completely the black base color. I was lucky, because I used Green Ochre, a yellow color that is not so bad covering.

Let's go with the tutorial.

1. Spray the primer.

2. Paint the body parts with Chocolat brown

3. Paint the body parts with Orange brown leaving the shadow areas in brown. The space between fingers, the eyes or the space around the nose should be respected in brown.

4. Highlight with Orange brown + white the body. You should highlight the prominent parts, as the nose, the chin, cheeks and fingers.

5. Paint the uniforms in Green Ochre.

6. Highlight the uniforms with Green ochre + white.

7. Paint the wood of the weapons with Mahogany brown and highlight them with the same color + white.

8. Paint the straps of both, weapons and uniforms. In the weapons i used Khaki grey and Khaki was the color used in the uniforms' straps.

9. Paint the helmets with Green Ochre.

10. And highlight them with Green Ochre +white.

11. Now is the moment to paint the helmet's feathers win grey using the dry brush technique. Afterwards is the moment to paint the helmet's rosette. You should start paintint the a red dot. When it is dry you paint a smaller white dot. And finally a smaller one using a very vivid green.

12. Paint the bag using Khaki, and the water bottle in grey.

13. And finally paint the metalic parts, as the weapons, binoculars and the button of the bag.

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