Monday, 2 December 2013

Bersaglieris in the ruins

The Bersaglieri army continues advancing. I painted the miniatures using the technique I explained before and now is the moment to place them in the bases and do something special. When I paint flames of War armies I love doing special decoration in the bases.

The classic ruins can be found all around the Mediterranean: Greece, France, Tunisia, Lybia and even in italy itself, so this bersaglieris are setted to fight in all the italian fronts of the WWII.


  1. Increibles! Las columnas son compradas o realizadas/retocadas por tí?

  2. Son hechas por mí. Tubillones de madera, de los de los muebles.

  3. Muy resultones, no tengo proyectos similares pero me lo apunto, ¡bravo!